Slappy Cakes is a do it yourself pancake house that offers a scratch menu, fresh juices and a craft cocktail bar. As a family restaurant, we take pride in using regional ingredients and menu items for each location. Our mission is to bring people together by making pancakes together! In addition to DIY pancakes, we offer chef created entrees and weekly specials.


Slappy Cakes opened in Portland, Oregon in 2009. Since then Slappy Cakes was featured on the top ten list of "America's Best" by Food Network's Alton Brown and Bobby Flay’s top ten destinations in the US. In addition, Slappy Cakes has been featured nationally on The Cooking Channel and Rachel Ray. There are now locations in Maui, Japan, Singapore and Thailand, and new locations are coming soon. Keep a lookout for us in your area!


At Slappy Cakes we believe that everybody wins when businesses support their local community. For this reason, Slappy Cakes has an emphasis on locally sourced ingredients and sustainable business practices. Supporting and partnering with local vendors helps ensure that resources stay in the community while minimizing the environmental impact.


Slappy Cakes is proud to work with schools, kid's programs and charities in the community. Please contact the branch near you to find out how we can help your organization.


Our menu presents a modern take on classic American comfort food. Our food is fresh and simple with an emphasis on local, sustainable, and seasonal ingredients. Everything--from the English muffins and jam to the simple syrups for our drinks--is made from scratch. We fresh-cut seasonal produce and offer hormone-free dairy and meats, to ensure a great dining experience.


Supporting farms and vendors near Slappy Cakes helps to lower the “food miles,” or average distance your meal has traveled to get to the plate. This has many benefits for the local community and lessens the global impact as well. Sourcing locally as much as possible helps ensure that we continue to serve you the freshest ingredients that are best for your family, community and environment.